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Tuesday September 30 2014

Facebook’s Oldest User Turns 101

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Sep. 29, 2014

Facebook's Oldest MemberFacebook’s Oldest User Turns 101:  The world’s oldest registered Facebook recently got invited to tour Facebook Headquarters for her 101st birthday.  Wow!  That’s almost old enough remember back when MySpace was still a popular site.


A stripper dances for a customer at theNatural Gas Explosion Levels Massachusetts Strip Club:  A natural gas explosion tore through a strip club in western Massachusetts, leveling the business and sending at least eight people to the local trauma center.  Baffled onlookers say the explosion appeared to have ripped the clothes right off everyone.


Little PeopleLittle People Passed Over for Film:  In a recent interview, the Little People Association of America is accusing producers of the movies such as Snow White and the Huntsman of passing over little people and using normal-sized actors to play dwarfs in the film.  The studio claims they really wanted to hire actual little people, but found they were in short supply.

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New Survey Examines America’s Drinking Habits

Sep. 28, 2014

WC FieldsNew Survey Examines America’s Drinking Habits:  A new survey on American drinking habits found that while 30% of us don’t drink, the top 10% of US drinkers consume an average of 74 drinks per week, which is over 10 drinks per day.  Researchers say in order to analyze the data correctly, they constructed a scale that began at zero drinks per day and ran all the way up to W.C. Fields.


Water on EarthScientists Say Water on Earth Is Older Than the Sun:  According to a new study published in Science, 30 to 50 percent of water on Earth is “primordial water,” meaning its molecules were created more than 4.5 billion years ago, making them older than Earth, the solar system and even the sun.  Now I’m no scientist, but anyone who’s ever drank the tap water here in LA knows that it sure tastes as if its older than the sun.


Postal ServiceU.S. Postal Service Wants to Deliver Your Groceries:  The U.S. Postal Service is asking the Postal Regulatory Commission for permission to deliver groceries as well as mail in a plan to branch out and help stem six years of multibillion-dollar losses.  Great!  Now they’ll not only be bringing us junk mail, but also junk food.

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Truck Driver Abandons $80,000 Worth of Chicken

Sep. 27, 2014

Truck DriverTruck Driver Abandons $80,000 Worth of Chicken:  Authorities in Idaho have arrested the driver who abandoned a trailer containing 37,000 pounds of chicken left to rot at a western Montana truck stop.  Witnesses say he parked the truck and got the cluck out of there and now the company is crying foul.  Makes you wonder, what was his beef with the chicken?  Maybe he was just a hen-pecked husband who couldn’t wait to get back home to his wife.


Women's Health IssuesWomen Rate Their Health Worse Than It Really Is:  New research indicates that when asked to rate their own health, women consistently report being in worse health than men do, even if they’re in reasonably good health.  In their defense, you’d have to be a pretty sick person to think like that.


iPhone 6 PlusConsumer Reports Nixes iPhone 6 Plus Bending Issues:  New testing by Consumer Reports determined that it would be pretty difficult to bend the iPhone 6 Plus unless you’re a bodybuilder.  In response, Samsung and Nokia have announced they will be offering free gym memberships for everyone who’s purchased an iPhone 6 Plus.

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Airline Sued Over Death Linked to Inflight Meal

Sep. 26, 2014

Airline FoodAirline Sued Over Death Linked to Inflight Meal:  The wife and daughter of a man who died after eating an inflight meal on a transatlantic American Airlines flight have filed a wrongful death suit.  Now I’m not so sure airline food can actually kill you, but I do know it can make you wish you were dead.


Tissue HoldersFeds Say Bed, Bath & Beyond Metal Tissue Holders Radioactive:  Federal regulators have found that the metal tissue holders sold by Bed, Bath & Beyond stores in more than 20 states including New York are contaminated with low levels of radioactive material.  Put one in your home and you’ll soon be headed for the “great beyond.”


UnderwearZimbabwe Bans Secondhand Underwear:  Zimbabwe has just passed a bill banning the sale of secondhand underwear.  A rider on the bill also bans having a second hand in your underwear.

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India Spacecraft Sends Back Pics of Mars

Sep. 25, 2014

India's SpacecraftIndia Spacecraft Sends Back Pics of Mars:  India’s space agency released the first image of the crater-scarred and dry surface of Mars taken by that nation’s first interplanetary spacecraft after it began orbiting the red planet.  When asked what they plan to do now that they’re on Mars, Indian space agency officials say they’ll look around, take lots of pictures and maybe even open up a New Delhi.


Bear AttackCalifornia Woman Recovering From Bear Attack:  A California woman hiker is recovering from scratches, a bite and a broken rib after being attacked by a 6’ tall, 300-pound bear that also chased her dogs through an avocado grove.  The woman told wildlife officials that the bear “grabbed me, sunk his teeth into my thigh and then knocked me down breaking my rib,” adding that “I was beginning to feel like I was the spouse of an NFL player.


Pelcic MeshFDA Cites Risk of Mesh Implant to Strengthen Vagina:  The FDA has issued an advisory cautioning women that a surgical mesh implant, used to strengthen vagina tissue, may become weakened over time.  The procedure was found to be especially problematic for women who purchased their mesh at Home Depot and then had it implanted by day-laborers.

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Obama Criticized For Latte Salute

Sep. 24, 2014

Obama's Latte SaluteObama Criticized For Latte Salute:  President Barack Obama is coming under criticism for offering a salute with a coffee cup in his raised hand.  Apparently a latte of people have expresso’d anger over this incident.  Just goes to show that coffee drinkers will never please the “Tea Party.”


BedbugsStudy Finds Bedbugs Can Survive a Year Without Food:  With the dramatic increase of bedbug infestations of late, its being reported that an adult bedbug can survive for nearly one year without feeding.  Hum, perhaps some of these bedbugs ought to consider modeling careers.


Teacher Bites ChildPreschool Teacher Arrested After Biting Child on Shoulder:  Police say a Virginia preschool teacher has been arrested and charged with assault and battery after she allegedly punished a 13-month-old boy by biting him on the shoulder.  The teacher claimed she was simply testing to see if the child was “properly prepared” for preschool, but police say its more likely that she was hungry for some “baby-back” ribs and overshot her mark.  While it sounds like a clear case of assault and bitery, but some witnesses say the unruly child may have told the teacher to “bite me!”

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