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Friday January 19 2018

Johnny Robish’s Acting Bio

Johnny Robish is an actor, stand-up comic, blogger, as well as joke and humor writer who lives in Woodland Hills, California.

(808) 346-3181

[email protected] 

Hair:  Dirty Blonde   Height:  5’ 9”

 Eyes:  Hazel  Weight:  185 lbs.

 Build:  Athletic/Muscular

Johnny Robish’s Reel



Poor Cherries                                           Quarreling Man         Jimmy Marble (Director)

Bizaria                                                         News Anchor        Tash Ann Ladwig (Director)

Tempting Fate                                               Detective        Kevin Nwankwor (Director)


Silenced (Spotify Series)                         Phil Spector (Lead)        Danny Lee (Director)

Tim and Eric’s Awesome Special          Morning Meditator        Tim Heidecker (Director)

Modernity (For Egyptian TV)                 René Descartes        Rick Castañeda (Director)

Supreme Justice w/Judge Karen   Defendant Herbert Nelson        Jeff Pitts (Director)


Available on Request
Dames of Our Fathers (Vet-TV)               WWII Vet                Donny O’Malley – Director

CarBotz                                                  Truck Driver        Julian Higgins – Director

Rubbish In, Robish Out!                       Comedian, Writer        Johnny Robish (Creator)


Performed in numerous Murder Mystery dinner theater shows.


                          Performed stand-up comedy and improv across the western US.


      Radio disk jockey in college as well as KLOM/KLPC Lompoc &P 1150 AM in Los Angeles.

     Music Videos

Tears for Fears                                    I Love You But I’m Lost        Brian McAllister (Director)

Doug Deluca                                             Hit Your Mark        Andy Koeger (Director)

Veronica Lee Thompson                              “Insane”        Veronica Lee Thompson (Director)

Midnight to Monaco                              “One in a Million”        Nicolas Randall (Director)

Justin Bieber                                                “Company”        Ian Menzies (Director)

Belly                                                                ”All is Lost”        Lex Lewter  (Producer)

Sara Watkins                                                  “Move Me”        Allister Ann (Director)

Last Shadow Puppets                                    “Aviation”        Saam Farahmand (Director)

Sky Blu                                                            “Go on Girl”        Derek Putlak (Director)

Black Angels                                          “Don’t Play With Guns”        Bo Mirosseni (Director)


Scene Study (Ongoing)                      The Actor’s Space West        Steve Curtis

Scene Study                                           Alan Feinstein Studio        Alan Feinstein

Scene Study                                             Steve Eastin Studio        Steve Eastin

Commercial Acting (Ongoing)         Buddy Powell Workshops        Buddy Powell

Commercial Acting Classes 1&2   Hey, I Saw Your Commercial        Mike Pointer

Improv Training                                                  UCB        Multiple Instructors

Improv Training                                         LA Connection        Kent Skov

Improv Training                                       Westside Comedy        Multiple Instructors

Improv Training                                        Edgemar Studios        Derek Reed

Improv Training                                        UCLA Extension        Cynthia Seghetti

Monologue Class                                 Buddy Powell Workshops        Buddy Powell

Scene Study                                               Malibu Playhouse        Rick D. Wasserman

Scene Study                                                Edgemar Studios        Christine Dunford

Special Skills:  Weightlifting, joke and humor writer, improv, stand-up comedian, runner, popular humor blogger, website-builder, bartender, BA in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology.


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