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Saturday November 25 2017

Funny Stuff From the Web

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Chicken Crossing the Road
Folks, there’s a reason atheists don’t show up on your doorstep – “We’d like to talk to you about how awesome your life already is.”
Starbucks or McDonald's
 A properly organized fox storage facility.
Self-Esteem for Dummies
Bill Cosby and Sleeping Beauty
Kim and Kayne

Prayer for Grandpa:  “Dear God, please send down some clothes for all those poor ladies on grandpa’s computer.  Amen”


“I could’a been somebody!  I could’a been a contender!”
The lunch truck arrives!  This is “Meals on Wheels” for lions.
New Yorker01


When You're Stupid

Dunkin' Donuts Truck







Branch Manager

Lassie Get Help


Laughter is the Best Medicine


Cat's With Attitude



You Never Listen



Cactus Expert

Tortoise and the Hare

Cat Reading in Bathroom




Hugh Hefner


Ice Cream This Way





Best Friends


Auto Repiar Prices

Too Be or not to be
New jersey Accents


Inventive German Plumber finds butt-crack solution
Kill a Mockingbird
Bipolar Bears















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