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Tuesday February 20 2018

Funny Stuff From the Web 2

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When a Redneck Wins the Lottery
Looks a lot like a camper humping a limo!
Bed Sheets
Bedside Manners
Dog With Human Face
Hooters Audition
Raisin Cookies
Prehistoric Googling
Drive Thru
Moose Humping Statue
Coffeein the Workplace
Tea or Coffee?
Good in Bed
The Sounds of Silence
To, Too and Two
Call Me a Pussy
Facebook Friends
Gnawing Feeling
Frosty Gets Plowed
Relationships Are Like Algebra
Hippie Dog
You Whore!
My Eyes Are Up Here
Vodka Mixes Well With Everything
Folding a Fitted Sheet
LSD Freak Out
Relating to Fictional Character
Politically Correct Cartoon
Buying Condoms
Dear Santa
Not a Good Sign
Cat Snowman
Couch Explodes
Remove Clothes After Wash



OJ Simpson Aquited

Father of the Year Candidate

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