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Tuesday February 20 2018

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Alabama Mall Banned Roy Moore in the ’80s for Pursuing Teens

Nov. 13, 2017

Alabama Mall Banned Roy Moore in the ’80s for Pursuing Teens:  Former mall employees and local police have told the New Yorker that Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore was banned from a mall in the early 1980s for repeatedly attempting to pick up teenage girls.  In response, talk show host and Moore defender Sean Hannity told his listeners that while Moore may have been trying to pick up underage girls, at least he wasn’t trying to arrange uranium deals with them like Hillary.


Scientists Say Sheep Can Recognize Human Faces:  University of Cambridge scientists say sheep can be trained to recognize the faces of different people presented to them in pictures.  Lawyers for red states politicians say they’re advising clients not to be overly concerned, in that its very doubtful that the testimony of a sheep would hold up in a court of law.


Study Finds Resveratrol Extends Life of Obese Mice:  Researchers found they can extend the life of obese mice by 44% using a drug that mimics resveratrol, the ingredient of red wine believed to activate protective proteins.  Which kind of makes you wonder, just how many obese mice have to die before these fat rodents get the resveratrol they so desperately need?

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