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Father Leaves 2-Year-Old in Cold Truck Outside Stripper Bar

Mar. 03, 2013

Father Leaves 2-Year-Old in Cold Truck Outside Stripper Bar:  A 24-year-old man who left his small daughter in his pickup truck while he got drunk in a Van Nuys, California stripper bar was arrested on suspicion of willful harm to a child.  Hopefully, incidents like this will finally convince strip clubs to add child-care facilities to their establishments.


Women Talk Three Times More Than Men:  A new study claims women talk nearly three times as much as men on average.  No kidding!  I once went out with a woman who really knew how to talk up a storm.  In her defense, she was a meteorologist, so that was kind of her job.


Calls 911 for CigarettesTexas Woman Calls 911 For Cigarettes:  A drunk woman in Texas ran out of cigarettes while drinking beer with her boyfriend and called 911 to ask if a police officer could deliver a pack to her.  Another example of what can happen when they remove the cigarette machines from trailer park community rec rooms.


Olive Garden Revenue Drops:  The company that owns Olive Garden announced that its revenue has dropped 5 percent in the last quarter.  To be honest, I’ve never been to an Olive Garden, but then again, I’ve never had all that much interest in gardening.

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