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Friday January 19 2018

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Sports Mag Calls Trump’s 73 Golf Score Patently Unbelievable

Oct. 12, 2017

Sports Mag Calls Trump’s 73 Golf Score Patently Unbelievable:  Golfing experts are expressing serious disbelief at the claim that the President shot a 73 during a recent round of golf with Lindsey Graham at one of the President’s golf courses.  Yea, his score may be unbelievable, but then again, isn’t everything he says and does pretty much unbelievable?  To put it in golfing terms, Trump lying about himself is “par for the course.”  That said, he ought to be good at golf – hell, he spends more time golfing than most of the pros.


Yellowstone’s Supervolcano May Blow Sooner Than Thought:  Arizona State University researchers, analyzing minerals in fossilized ash from the most recent mega-eruption of Yellowstone National Park’s supervolcano, have determined it may blow again much sooner than previously thought – wiping all life off the face of the Earth in just a few decades.  Even so, I’d be willing to bet it’ll only take a few years before you’ll start to see Starbucks cafes slowly springing up and dotting the landscape again.


Geologists Debate Grand Canyon’s Age:  A bitter controversy is raging among geologists over the age of the Grand Canyon after a report published in the journal Science claims the canyon is actually 70 million years old, not the commonly held belief that it’s 6 million years old.  Oh for heaven’s sake, what difference does it make as long as it isn’t applying for a driver’s license?

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