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Friday January 19 2018

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Steve Bannon Gives Trump 30% Chance of Serving Full Term

Oct. 11, 2017

Steve Bannon Gives Trump 30% Chance of Serving Full Term:  Former senior aide Steve Bannon thinks the President only has a 30 percent chance of staying in office for a full term – as insiders are reporting that the White House is in complete turmoil.  Well, with that remark, it looks like Trump’s 3 AM twitter attack list for tomorrow has just grown to include Steve Bannon, Joe Namath and the NFL, Eminem, Jimmy Kimmel, the White House Press Corps, Senator Bob Corker, the UN, Harvey Weinstein, most of his Cabinet, the entire White House staff and of course old, reliable mainstays Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama – hope I’m not leaving anyone out!


UK Study Finds Women Secretly Turn Up Home Thermostat:  A study out of the UK found that one-third of couples don’t agree upon what should be the ideal home room temperature – and that four in ten women report covertly turning up the thermostat behind their partner’s back.  Sociologists say the only workable solution to the dilemma is for husbands and boyfriends to secretly purchase placebo thermostats which look real, but don’t really connect to anything.


Study Finds Emotions Better Understood By Listening:  A new psychological study found that people are better able to pick up on the emotions of others by closing their eyes and simply focusing on the voice, as opposed to both watching and listening, or just watching them.  Yea, and I find that if I close my eyes while I’m listening to someone, the emotion I most often pick up on is “pissed off,” as they assume I’ve fallen asleep while they are talking to me.


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