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Sunday April 23 2017

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Trump Appears to Refuse to Shake Merkel’s Hand

Mar. 18, 2017

Trump Appears to Refuse to Shake Merkel’s Hand:  The media is abuzz over a video which appears to show President Trump refusing to shake hands after his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Give the man a break – maybe he was just put-off by how big her hands are!


Wyoming Allows Hunters to Use Silencers:   Wyoming law now allows hunters to use silencers on their hunting weapons.  That’s just crazy when you consider you’ve got hard-working assassins, who actually need the silencers in their jobs, who are forbidden to use them.  Let’s get our priorities straight people!


Smokers Rebel Against Starbucks Smoking Ban:  A group of smokers opposed to the Starbucks ban on smoking within 25 feet of its stores, say they plan to take the coffee company to court.  Smokers point out that there are so many Starbucks cafes in the US, its nearly impossible to be further than 25 feet away from one.

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