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Tuesday February 20 2018

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Urinalysis by Smartphone App

Feb. 28, 2013

cell-phoneUrinalysis by Smartphone App:  An Indian biotech company wants to replace costly medical equipment that medical centers use for urinalysis with a simple smartphone app, broadening and advancing the mobile health market.  Makes sense to me!   I can’t even count all the times when I’ve thought – piss on this damn cellphone.


How Dinosaurs Grew World’s Longest Necks:  After years of trying to determine exactly how sauropod dinosaurs were able to grow the world’s longest necks, scientists now think they became that long because of their hollow neck bones.  And to think all this time everyone just assumed it was from peeking into their neighbor’s back yards. 


PessimistPessimists May Live Longer:  A group of researchers found that compared with their counterparts with a sunnier outlook, older people who are more pessimistic tend to live longer, healthier lives.  When asked if they believed they’ll live a longer, healthier life, most pessimists said “I seriously doubt it.”

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3 Responses to Urinalysis by Smartphone App

  1. StudioKnow says:

    I guess that for Death there’s just no fun in grimly reaping pessimists. While optimists scream and shout in the hope that Death might change his (or quite possibly her) mind, pessimists are just like “whatever.” No fun at all.

    • Johnny Robish says:

      I didn’t add it to the joke, because a joke can’t be too wordy, but the study claimed the reason pessimists live longer is they have lower expectations.

  2. StudioKnow says:

    Haha! Therefore, ageing pessimists are generally happier with their lot in life and in turn healthier? I guess it makes sense…