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Tuesday February 20 2018

Top Secret Electric Coconut Palms

by Johnny Robish

© Copyright 2012

   Our “crack investigative team” here at JohnnyRobish.Com has uncovered an extremely sensitive undercover operation, which is being conducted by the US Government on Maui.  While walking along a secluded beach along Maui’s western shore, our highly-trained researchers stumbled upon (as “crack teams” will do) simple coconut trees that (we can only conclude) secret government operatives have converted into electrical power plants.  That’s right, coconut trees producing electricity!  And here are the pictures to prove it.  After viewing the photographs, you will see that there can be no other explanation.  These exclusive pictures have been neither doctored nor nursed.  Please keep in mind that what you see in these pictures are considered to be highly classified, so view at your own discretion.  And please, whatever you do, don’t view these pictures while in the bathtub or shower -we’re talking about electricity here.  We can’t be held responsible.  Click on any picture to enlarge.

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